michael sulistio
about me
Hi! I'm a software engineering student at the University of Washington studying Computer Science. I enjoy working on backend infrastructure/systems, with a special interest in financial trading software.

This past summer, I worked at RetailMeNot in Austin, TX where I worked on the core web development team. At UW, I worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the CSE 14X introductory courses teaching students topics from basic Java syntax to data structures. This upcoming summer, I will be interning at Facebook in Seattle, WA!

In my free time, I enjoy playing badminton, working out, and coding personal projects -- one of these projects being this website!
Flashcard Study Buddy
A voice-interactive learning tool for Google Assistant platforms.
A personal portfolio website.
(Looking for Fall 2019 Internships!)
Email me at mikesulistio@gmail.com
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